Lava Stone Multi-Charm Locket Necklace


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Introducing our vintage style lava stone multi-charm necklace. The lava stone fits perfectly into the locket, and makes a slight tinkling sound that soothes and inspires calmness for the baby during and after pregnancy.

Lava stones, or lava rocks, are pieces of volcanic rock that have formed from cooled magma; and so the question is, what is the meaning of lava stone? It is a calming stone, hence the use of it in locket during pregnancy. It also helps to keep mother’s anxiety at ease through pregnancy.

The lava stone locket necklace is a great gift for, you guessed it, baby showers! Mom-to-be will be in love with this unique piece of jewelry and the meaning behind it, and the other guests will be so impressed that such a thoughtful and loving gift was given.

Another nice feature to the lava stone is that it is also an essential oil diffuser on the go. Simply add just a couple drops of essential oil to the stone and rub it and and then let it dry for about forty minutes before putting it into the locket. Some essential oils that are good for pregnancy include ylang ylang and frankincense.

Of course, everyone and anyone can wear this necklace, not just expecting women. It also makes a great mothers day and birthday gift.

This beautiful necklace takes it a step further; from the chain hangs the locket s well as a single tiny pretty white rose charm, and a light pink cameo adorned with silver rhinestones.