Rainbow Quartz Necklace


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Sterling silver wrapped rainbow quartz double layer necklace has a rustic feel coupled with the elegance of sterling silver and amethyst.

The first layer is a delicate sterling silver chain with a sterling silver lotus flower charm and two sterling silver wrapped genuine amethyst chips; each amethyst chips begins and ends with a sparkly silvery grey tiny bead.

The second layer is a rainbow quartz wrapped in sterling silver, hanging from a leather suede rope. The necklace ties  with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

Amethyst aids in improving brain function and heightening alertness. It is also frequently used to help with lack of energy and headache pain from hangovers. Amethyst is also used to connect more deeply with your spirituality.

Rainbow quartz works to stimulate energy in the body, helps to alleviate stress and disconnect one from toxic relationships.